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Forum & Game Rules

Welcome to the iRosePH Message Boards! We hope you enjoy your time here discussing the game and getting to know your fellow gamers.

The primary function of this message board is to provide an area for player interaction and to submit feedback to the development and publishing teams behind iRoseph.

We have created the following list of message board rules and guidelines to keep this an enjoyable environment for us all. Violations of these guidelines may result in your removal from this message board and/or potential suspension (or permanent closure), of your iRosePh account.

Forum moderators will not be able to personally discover each and every infraction. We encourage our users to actively use the "Report" button at the bottom of each post. These posts are reviewed several times a day, and represents the bulk of posts that receive disciplinary attention.

This may be long, but you need to read this in order to keep you out of trouble here at the iRosePH Boards.

iRosePH Forum Rules


1 severity: +10% warning level.
2 severity: +20% warning level, possible posting rights suspension.
3 severity: +30% warning level, posting rights suspension for up to 3 days or more depending on severity.
4 severity: +40% warning level, posting rights suspended for up to 7+ days OR a ban for up to 7+ days.
Extreme Severity: Irreversible, undisputable permanent ban.

1 Severity
1.A. Disrespectful or rude behavior towards other forum members resulting in a complaint by the offended party. Essentially, flaming.
Flaming will not be punished in the flame wars section as long as it does not "cross the line".
1.B. Posting a link to illegal files or bootleg versions of files.
1.C. Replacing a personal item (signature or avatar) that was removed by a moderator.
1.D. Intentional triple posting (posting three posts in a row on a thread). The edit button is there for a reason. You will not be punished for triple posting caused by lag, simply report the extra post for a moderator to remove it.
1.E. Inappropriate/offensive names. This includes, but is not limited to sexual, racist, and/or otherwise lewd names, or names intended for the use of advertisement of any sort. This may result in receiving a name change.
1.F. Misuse of the "Report Post to a Moderator" button. This button is only to be used for reporting posts that violate any rules, or to request the closure/edit of a thread or deletion/edit of certain posts.
1.G. Posting in a foreign language that is not in the international section of the forums.
1.H. Posting text in CAPSLOCK is unnecessary since it refers as shouting.

2 Severity
2.A. Posting a thread in the wrong section for several times.
2.B. Excessive spam.
2.C. Posting in an English language forum in a foreign language after multiple warnings.
2.D. Cross-posting or creating the same topic in multiple forums.

3 Severity
3.A. Re-creating a thread that has recently been closed with an explanation by a moderator. To dispute closed threads, PM the moderator. Moderators SHOULD leave a reason for closing threads, even if the topic starter had requested the close in a post.
3.B. Making libelous accusations against another forum member that cannot be supported by evidence. If you have any issues with another forum member, try to get a second opinion on it from a moderator first. If that doesn't solve your problem contact a higher up authority (GM/Admin).
3.C. Consistent misuse of the "Report Post to a Moderator" button.
3.D. Advertising a different ROSE server. You are allowed to say the names of other servers, but not attempt to persuade others to join. Also, the so-called "recruitment links" from many browser-based games to recruit new members are not tolerated outside of the appropriate section.
3.E. Posting links to malicious sites like rick rolls with popups, or screamers.
3.F Forum Point Shoppe boosting is prohibited, for example, 2 or 3 members constantly giving out points to each other thru a crap or spam post.

4 Severity
4.A. Impersonating another forum member, whether using one or multiple forum accounts. In the case of multiple accounts, the impostor account will be permanently banned and the main account will incur another punishment.
4.B. Making libelous accusations against a staff member without providing evidence. If you have any issues with staff member try to solve it with that specific person. If that doesn't solve your problem contact a higher up authority (GM/Admin).
4.C. Deliberate and intentional disobedience of instructions given by a staff member.

Extreme Severity
ES.1. Creating another forum account when your current account is banned or has its posting rights removed. The perm ban is incurred on the secondary account, and the main account will incur a doubling of its current restriction.
ES.2. Posting pornographic or erotic images, or links to sexually explicit sites. Bear in mind that this is a forum accessed by all ages.
ES.3. Advertising real-life products such as prescription drugs.
ES.4. Impersonating a staff member.
ES.5. Consistently and deliberately posting libelous accusations against a staff member.
ES.6. Creating a forum account for the specific reason of flaming someone.
ES.7. Creating multiple accounts to pretend that you're multiple people.

Repeatedly violating any area of the iRosePH Online Terms of Use or Forum Code of Conduct, may lead to suspension from your forums account and / or in-game account.

Signature & Background Guidelines

Before adding or creating a signature please have these guidelines in mind

The signature size MUST BE a maximum 450x150 pixel for the picture including the text.
You may use any measuring device to achieve it. The overall maximum of the signature size should be less than 200kb.

For Background and Signature the following rules.

Must not contain any sexually explicit, harmful, threatening, abusive, defamatory, obscene, hateful, racially or ethnically offensive images/language/links.
Must not contain any advertisement to the intent to or commit the act ofbuying, selling, trading, sharing, or transferring access to any Online game Account.

iRosePH in-game rules

Chat Rules:

Trashtalking with offensive words is allowed in PK areas including the Desert of the Deads entrance in Anima Lake infront of the warp.
Trashtalking is not allowed in non-PK areas. [minor offense]

There are a number of exceptions, for PK and NON-PK areas. These are all punished as a major offense.
1. Discrimination or hate against a person's nationality.
2. Insulting someone's family or partner.
3. Mocking with diseases or death.
4. Making real-life threats.
5. Stalking and harassment.
6. Encouraging players to quit the game.
7. Promotion of other games.
8. Impersonating a GM.
9. Insulting a GM.

Minor offenses will be punished with a mute of 1 to 3 days.
Major offenses will be punished with a mute of 5 to 7 days.
After several major offenses your punishment will become longer, and eventually you can get muted permanently.

Reports will be judged by a Gamemaster. The punishment will depend on how severe you broke the rules. If there was no bad intent or it was a very light offense, a punishment is not necessary.

Tickets must be created within 24 hours. Abuse of the ticket system by submitting alse or late reports can be punished.
If you have been muted you may create a ticket in the Verbal Abuse department to explain your situation and ask a review.
If you are unhappy with the service you received in the ticket, you can create another ticket in the department GM Complaint. Those can only be viewed and handled by Administrators (iRosePHOnline and tintin).

If you feel offended by another player's chat you can use the /ignore command ingame.
Administrators may mute a player for reasons not specified in these rules if his or her behaviour is too extreme.


Automated Temporary Ban (A T B) - 1 hour ~ 30 days
Temporary Ban (T B) - 3 days ~ 30 days
Permanent Ban (P B) - Indefinite or until admin or ticket system operator conclusion on specific case.

Automated Temporary Ban

ATB.1. Wrong pin code input 3 times.
ATB.2. Use of auto hot key (Key Macros applications)

Temporary Ban

TB.1. Disrespecting staff member/s in any way or form (In-game, forums, facebook page or groups).
TB.2. Abusing a known or unknown game glitch or bug.
TB.3. Impersonating a co-player to scam other players.
TB.4. Accusing a staff member taking sides / bias.
TB.5. Advertising another R.O.S.E. online game (In-game, forums, facebook page or groups).
TB.6. Harassing a player using inappropriate language in public, personal message or whisper.
TB.7. Abusing the game play for multiple times.

Permanent Ban

PB.1. Impersonating a staff member (In-game, forums, facebook page or groups).
PB.2. Stealing another player/s in-game items.
PB.3. Repeatedly abusing known or unknown game glitch or bug. (Abused 3 or more times)
PB.4. Trading, selling account/s for other game account/s, zulie, or any other kind of currency (In-game, forums).
PB.5. Trading, selling items, zulie or any other kind of currency for other game account/s, zulie or any other kind of currency (In-game, forums).
PB.6. Disrespecting staff member/s in any way or form (In-game, forums, facebook page or groups).

Repeatedly violating any area of the iRosePH Online Terms of Use or Forum Code of Conduct, may lead to suspension from your forums account and / or in-game account.

The iRosePH staff reserves the right to change the rules above at any given time. You will most likely be notified via Server News section if that were to happen