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Nahcti's Photo Nahcti 28 Jan 2019

Hi guys help me, where can I get damascus, what mobs drop it?

Urtharo's Photo Urtharo 30 Jan 2019

Just check the link for the list of general mobs that drops the said item.
* http://www.irosephon...938/#t_material

The easiest (more advance) is to farm Jabberwock Shield (repair & disassemble) from Anubis Shaman located in some part of Paradise of RA (Oro Planet)
* http://www.irosephon...d-6297/#t_craft

Level range: 225-235
You can use bourg for x2 drop.
But the suggested one would be Shaman since there are mobs alongside; just for some mats not to go wasted.
Best spot would be (A)

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