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How to Fix this patch error?

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Hello. How do i fix this error?

"Unable to connect to the server.
Check your internet connection.
Make sure you have the latest downloader from the website."

I already tried to do the run as administrator and turn off the antivirus method. Thank you for answering


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Restart your router perhaps?


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This happened on my other laptop as well. When I downloaded the installer, I was surprised that it finished downloading right away (if I'm not mistaken it usually takes a couple of minutes before it finishes downloading the file). Then when I opened the launcher, the thing that says 'unable to connect to server...' popped out. I'm 100% there's nothing wrong with my wifi/internet connection at that time because I was online in the game in my desktop and there was nothing wrong with it. I hope we'll be able to find a solution for this problem!


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If you installed it in c:/ move it to desktop or in the documents folder. Not sure about this but check if your anti virus and firewall isn’t blocking the games port


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I experience that too but i try all the possible solution only one that is >100% effectively disable antivirus and add the (iroseph luncher.exe) into exceptions and disable also the windows defender and that's it! I hope this solution will help. Have a nice day

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