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Patch 03/09/2016 Quick Switch

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Posted 03 September 2016 - 09:21 AM

The server will be offline for 15 30 minutes.

- Added QuickSwitch skill, players can use this to switch between equipment sets instead of using the banned scripts or hotkey tools.

Posted Image

– Crystals in Crystal Defenders and Akram Arena will adjust its HP based on the number of entrants. Attackers will now have a better chance to win, it’s no longer imbalanced to Defenders.

Posted Image

- Changed Poison prestige, it will stop dealing damage when the enemy is sleeped. The timer will also pause.
- Fixed a bug that made characters invisible after teleport
- Fixed a bug that made players unable to move after login
- Fixed arena energy refund when dungeon confirmation got cancelled or timed out
- Fixed a bug with inventory not saving (Thanks Sephyroth)
- Fixed areas in Zant, Luxem Tower and Training Grounds where players were unable to walk.
- Fixed keyboard input of é and other language specific chars (Thanks Empo)
- Hotkey bars hide the rotate button when locked
- Fixed the range of the Dungeon instance popup in DoD
- Added a new icon for Valor points in disassamble.
- Added a set bonus of the Merry-, Jolly-, Happy Holiday sets, they were rewarded in stead of the wolf sets.
- Removed the set list from dungeon items that didn't reward a set bonus.
- Increased the movement speed on dungeon shoes.
- Fixed the int on the Akram Kingdom Cape, stats were switched during the recent patch.

Exp, drop and farm boost continues until next weekend.

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